Empire “makes the old serve the new” in Ukraine

By Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) Communists have long understood that art plays a role in the class struggle. Reactionary art serves the interests of the bourgeoisie and capitalism. Communist art serves the people and their efforts to make revolution. During the Maoist era in China, revolutionaries sought to reinterpret old art so that it would serve... Continue Reading →

Is Le Pen a fascist?

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) A wave of movements against the liberal status quo has been sweeping the First World. These movements have been described as "populist" in the media. The victory of the Brexit movement shocked Europe. Now, there is the strong polling of Marnie Le Pen in France. Although she lost the election, her rise... Continue Reading →

On fakes, again*

by Shubel Morgan (leadinglightarmy.com) First Worldism is lethal for the international proletariat. As imperialism’s primary ideological weapon against the Third World, First Worldism’s goal is the ideological disarmament of the international proletariat. You can think of the ideology of First Worldism in very simple terms. It’s a simple lie: that the whole world can live... Continue Reading →

The First World is the Death Star

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) Leading Lights defend the right of oppressed people to fight back. The United States is a big part of the global Empire, the First World. The entire First World is a menace to humanity, but, for now, lets just look at the United States. The United States was founded on genocide,... Continue Reading →

On walking into a propeller: Quotes on dialectics and science from Leading Light (Brennen Ryan)

qoutes from Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) The following is from a mostly one-sided debate on the nature of dialectics versus science. We are not going to bother giving quotes from the others who participated in this one-sided debate. Those who want to see the complete debate can go here: https://www.facebook.com/classvelija/posts/316478568500207?comment_id=316523631829034&notif_t=like The comments are slightly edited. “If... Continue Reading →

Under construction.. be patient

This website is currently under construction. Our former websites, which have been run into the ground, were stolen by a group of faggot shutins who exist only on facebook. We are slowly adding our articles. It is a long process. We plan to publish a full analysis of the current state of our movement in... Continue Reading →

Movie review: “Snowpiercer” (Bong Joon-ho, 2013)

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) “Snowpiercer” (Bong Joon-ho, 2013) is a South Korean sci-fi film that depicts a dystopian, not-so-distant future. “Snowpiercer” is part of a long tradition of dystopian science fiction that presents a dystopian future that is really just an exaggerated version of contemporary injustice. An exaggerated, fictional future is used to critique the... Continue Reading →

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