Saudi Arabia supporting Kurds

( Saudi Arabia has recently issued statements supporting an independent Kurdistan: “Saudi supports the establishment of a state of Kurdistan A legitimate right of the Kurdish nation to live in peace” [sic] This change of policy occurs in the context of the United State’s increased support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The People’s Protection... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day, 2015

by Brennen Ryan ( “Women are one of our greatest, our strongest weapons. There is a special strength in those who have tasted the worst this system has to offer, as many women have. Those who have endured the worst, been abused, smashed down, survived the worst, they have a special spirit, to stand against... Continue Reading →

Picking up the rock and dropping it on your own feet, again, and again, and again

by Brennen Ryan *MIM disputes some of this article on factual grounds, see comments.* ( The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) has recently published another strange, rambling document aimed at us. (1) The document repeats many bizarre claims such as the accusation that Leading Light had engaged in “wrecking” against MIM. Perhaps MIM sees our rather... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Kurdish resistance in Syria

by Brennen Ryan ( Very recently, an alliance of Kurdish forces and their allies has fought off an Islamic State offensive. Kobane, Syria was the focal point of the battle. The Islamic state is a horribly reactionary force that has been encouraged and supported by the imperialists, often through back channels. The Islamic State makes... Continue Reading →

Comments on Soviet Women, Traditionalism, Revisionism

by Brennen Ryan ( These comments are a reaction to Gail Warshofsky Lapidus’ “Women in Soviet Society: Equality, Development, and Social Change.” Much of Lapidus’ essay covers the same ground as these other  works Wendy Goldman’s Women at the Gates, Sheila Fritzpatrick’s Everyday Stalinism, and Hiroaki Kuromiya’s Stalin’s Industrial Revolution.  What is refreshing about these... Continue Reading →

Comments on “all sex is rape”

by Brennen Ryan ( There are some Maoists and “anti-imperialists” in the First World who claim that “all sex is rape.” At times, they take this line very seriously. Other times, they seem to hold that it is merely provocative rhetoric. The comments here are not a comprehensive refutation of everything they say. What is said... Continue Reading →

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