Leading Light condemns attack against Iran by ISIS

(leading-light.co) Leading Light absolutely condemns the recent terrorist attack against Iran. The death toll from the Islamic State’s attack on Iran’s parliament now stands at 17. This attack is a highly sectarian one that further divides the Islamic World and further divides Third World people. The Islamic State is not a genuine anti-imperialist organization whatever... Continue Reading →

Turning Money into Rebellion edited by Gabriel Kuhn reviewed part 2

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.co) Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers (Kreplebedab, 2014) is a great book every anti-imperialist and revolutionary in the First World should read. The book tells the story and thinking of the so-called Danish “Blekingegade Group,” the Mao-friendly Kommunistisk Arbejdskreds (KAK), founded in 1963, which later... Continue Reading →

Israel’s pink imperialism

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.co) In a recent letter, Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar instructed the Population and Immigration Authority and the Jewish Agency to grant citizenship to the spouse of any Jew, regardless of the sexual orientation of the couple. “I do not see a distinction between Jews in heterosexual marriage and those who wed... Continue Reading →

Leading Light condemns the invasion of Gaza

by Brennen Ryan (thefounders.co) All people of good conscience must condemn the brutal attack on Gaza by Israel. The recent escalation of violence is part of the continuous genocide inflicted on Palestine by Israel and its allies for over half a century. Millions of Palestinians have been killed and uprooted from their land. Israel has... Continue Reading →

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