On fakes, again*

by Shubel Morgan (leadinglightarmy.com) First Worldism is lethal for the international proletariat. As imperialism’s primary ideological weapon against the Third World, First Worldism’s goal is the ideological disarmament of the international proletariat. You can think of the ideology of First Worldism in very simple terms. It’s a simple lie: that the whole world can live... Continue Reading →

Under construction.. be patient

This website is currently under construction. Our former websites, which have been run into the ground, were stolen by a group of faggot shutins who exist only on facebook. We are slowly adding our articles. It is a long process. We plan to publish a full analysis of the current state of our movement in... Continue Reading →

Discussion on Lin Biao

Featuring Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) The following is a collection of comments from a recent online exchange. We have not published every comment. We have also removed the names of those involved in the exchange. We publish these comments because they have educational value. In addition, we publish these comments to show the low level of... Continue Reading →

Greece update: Syriza blocks up with Anel

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) Syriza is a coalition in Greece made up of social-democrats, Maoists, Trotskyists, “left-communists,” radical environmentalists, and others. As its name states, it is the “coalition of the radical left.” Through an unlikely set of circumstances, Syriza has just won the Greek elections, just short of a parliamentary majority. In order to form a... Continue Reading →

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