Oppose the genocide in Myanmar

    (Thefounders.co) Oppose the brutal genocide committed against the Rohingya community by Myanmar’s regime.   The Rohingya are a mostly Islamic population that numbers over a million. The Rohingya are a Bangla people who have made the border area of Bangladesh and Myanmar their home going back centuries. They are a large minority in... Continue Reading →

Leading Light condemns attack against Iran by ISIS

(leading-light.co) Leading Light absolutely condemns the recent terrorist attack against Iran. The death toll from the Islamic State’s attack on Iran’s parliament now stands at 17. This attack is a highly sectarian one that further divides the Islamic World and further divides Third World people. The Islamic State is not a genuine anti-imperialist organization whatever... Continue Reading →

Do weaker men favor socialism?

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.co) It is being reported: “An academic study from researchers at Brunel University London assessed 171 men, looking at their height, weight, overall physical strength and bicep circumference, along with their views on redistribution of wealth and income inequality. The study, published in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal, ​found that weaker... Continue Reading →

Our Long March

By Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) October 14, 1934, the Communist Party and its Red Army could no longer hold the Jiangxi Soviet. They were surrounded by the reactionary forces of the Goumindang. The enemy was slowly wearing down our forces. We would not lose today or tomorrow, but we would lose - unless something was done.... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day, 2015

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) “Women are one of our greatest, our strongest weapons. There is a special strength in those who have tasted the worst this system has to offer, as many women have. Those who have endured the worst, been abused, smashed down, survived the worst, they have a special spirit, to stand against... Continue Reading →

Today, December 16th, is a day of heroes

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) In one voice, we said “No!” We declared independence on March 26, 1971. Our hopes were answered on December 16, 1971. It was on this day that Bangladesh gained its formal victory. Today is the day that the genocide inflicted upon our brothers and sisters by the Pakistan and its imperialist... Continue Reading →

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