Oppose the genocide in Myanmar

    (Thefounders.co) Oppose the brutal genocide committed against the Rohingya community by Myanmar’s regime.   The Rohingya are a mostly Islamic population that numbers over a million. The Rohingya are a Bangla people who have made the border area of Bangladesh and Myanmar their home going back centuries. They are a large minority in... Continue Reading →

Leading Light condemns attack against Iran by ISIS

(leading-light.co) Leading Light absolutely condemns the recent terrorist attack against Iran. The death toll from the Islamic State’s attack on Iran’s parliament now stands at 17. This attack is a highly sectarian one that further divides the Islamic World and further divides Third World people. The Islamic State is not a genuine anti-imperialist organization whatever... Continue Reading →

On walking into a propeller: Quotes on dialectics and science from Leading Light (Brennen Ryan)

qoutes from Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) The following is from a mostly one-sided debate on the nature of dialectics versus science. We are not going to bother giving quotes from the others who participated in this one-sided debate. Those who want to see the complete debate can go here: https://www.facebook.com/classvelija/posts/316478568500207?comment_id=316523631829034&notif_t=like The comments are slightly edited. “If... Continue Reading →

Extremist barbarism kills bloggers

by Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy.com) An Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death on February 26, 2015. He ran the Mukto-Mona (Free-mind) blog site, which championed secular, humanist values. He had received many death threats before he was killed. He was hacked to death for speaking his mind. Those who murdered him are trying to... Continue Reading →

Out of the shadows into the sun

featuring Brennen Ryan (leadinglightarmy) 1. Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions. We admire your work very much. We admire all the Leading Lights. Leading Light Communist Organization is the only organization that is bringing forward new ideas to make revolution in the real world. It is exciting to finally meet you, Leading... Continue Reading →

Science vs. Dialectics, again

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.co) A friend stated: “‘Dialectical’ thinking is a way of enframing actual contents. It reveals them and itself in their changing aspect and nature, not sub specie aeternitatis. It opposes metaphysical thought of a religious or prescientific kind, but not only. It points to the fact that there is no absolute SCIENCE,... Continue Reading →

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