Greece update: Syriza blocks up with Anel

by Brennen Ryan ( Syriza is a coalition in Greece made up of social-democrats, Maoists, Trotskyists, “left-communists,” radical environmentalists, and others. As its name states, it is the “coalition of the radical left.” Through an unlikely set of circumstances, Syriza has just won the Greek elections, just short of a parliamentary majority. In order to form a... Continue Reading →

Syriza has won in Greece, a test case

( Syriza, the coalition of the “radical left” led by the popular Alexis Tsipras, has won big in the Greek elections. Syriza has won around half of the 300 seats in Parliament. Today, Syriza is a party that includes numerous “radical left” trends and organizations. It was formed initially as a coalition in 2004, but really took... Continue Reading →

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