Dissent, science, and a healthy world: comments on Judith Shapiro’s Mao’s War Against Nature (2001) Part 2 of 2

by Brennen Ryan Some final thoughts (leading-light.co) Capitalism has proven itself unable of dealing with the growing environmental crisis. In order to reproduce itself, capitalism must maintain unsustainable production and consumption. It is the nature of capitalism to expand, to dominate more and more markets, to extend over greater and greater populations. This is the... Continue Reading →

Bangladesh: the holocaust in our water

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.co) Water is one of the most basic things required for life. Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is water. By weight, the average human body is about 65 percent water. Water brings life to animals, forests, crops, lands. Even though 97 percent of people in Bangladesh have access to water, only... Continue Reading →

Water and imperialism*

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.co) Water is essential, in various ways, to all human activity. Water is something that humans, literally, cannot do without. Every human needs water in order live and to have a good life. Societies need water in order to be provide for the survival of their populations. Usable water, as a resource,... Continue Reading →

Flooding and food insecurity threatens Bangladesh

by Brennen Ryan (leading-light.com) Over a million people have been affected by flooding in Bangladesh. Recent floods destroyed food stocks, crops, and buildings. Nearly half a million people were left homeless when  Bangladesh’s two major rivers, the Meghna and the Brahmaputra, flooded last month. As the waters recede, worries rise about whether there will be... Continue Reading →

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