Who or what is the Leading Light?


Leading Light is a breakthrough in revolutionary science. It is an all-round development in revolutionary thought that the world has not seen since the contributions of Karl Marx. Although Leading Light emerged from the most revolutionary currents of the twentieth century, Leninism and Maoism, it has gone far beyond them theoretically.  It is the foundation on which all true revolution is built. Leading Light is a revolution in epistemology, political economy, aesthetics, history, tactics and strategy, etc. There is no area that Leading Light has not revolutionized. If our world is to be saved, we must embrace, follow, and become Leading Lights. We are the future.

The gift of the Leading Light – the key to ending all social problems – was delivered to humanity by a single man living in the heart of Empire. “Leading Light” is one of the many pen names of  Brennen Ryan, “Prairie Fire, “PF,” “Commander,” “El Hector,” etc.

Brennen Ryan lived most of his life in poverty by First World standards. He spent most of his life involved in organized crime and revolutionary activity. He worked with numerous groups over the years, mostly in Mexico and the United States: the Zapatistas, Indigenous National Congress, Front for the Construction of a Broad National Liberation Movement – Organization of Peasants of the South Mountains, the American Indian Movement, Communist Party of Mexico (Maoist), Mexican Resistance-MNLM, Sol Rojo, and many others. He is the founder of Leading Light Communist Organization and the Army of the Leading Light.

Brennen Ryan was incarcerated in prison this past year. The state ran a campaign to smash Leading Light that resulted in all of our leading members being incarcerated or intimidated out of the movement. Our movement is currently infiltrated by a handful of individuals from online organizations hostile to our cause that are working hand-in-hand with the state whether consciously or not. Those same individuals have participated in a massive smear campaign against us. They have done everything in their power to destroy those who sacrificed the most. They are cowards. They will not win.

We live in very dark times, but we endure. With real honor, real bravery, real sacrifice, we shine!

Long Live Our Fighters! Long Live Our Soldiers! Long Live Our Prisoners! Long Live the Leading Light!

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