Oppose the genocide in Myanmar




Oppose the brutal genocide committed against the Rohingya community by Myanmar’s regime.


The Rohingya are a mostly Islamic population that numbers over a million. The Rohingya are a Bangla people who have made the border area of Bangladesh and Myanmar their home going back centuries. They are a large minority in a country that is mostly Buddhist. They have suffered racial discrimination and violence for centuries. They have never had real political or economic rights in their own home. They are still denied citizenship by the racist regime in Myanmar. Today, the regime is orchestrating a massive depopulation campaign. Whole families and villages are burned. Women and children shot along with men. Beheadings. Torture. Rape. The effect is not just mass murder, but a mass exodus. Tens of thousands of Rohingya have left everything to find safety in Bangladesh. These starving people have nothing left. To make matters worse, the regime has mined the border in hopes of exterminating more refugees. The people cry out for justice.


And who is at the head of this mass-murdering regime? It is none other than Aung San Suu Kyi who has put a liberal face on this brutality by the remnants of the SLORC dictatorship. This reveals just what a fraud the global, liberal establishment is. Aung San Suu Kyi is yet another winner of the Nobel Peace Prize – like Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama – who should be be put on trial by the people for crimes against humanity. It just goes to show what a farce neo-liberal, “human rights” is. Even the United Nations has been forced to describe the situation as “textbook ethnic cleansing.”
For our people, the poor, the oppressed, the silenced, there are no human rights under Empire. There is only death. We are not people to them. We are nothing. Empire is nothing to us. It has nothing for us but pain. We are the poor. We are the land. We are the work. We are the truth. We are the fighters, the loyal ones, the brave ones. We are the end of the nightmare. We are the creators, the founders of the future. We are Leading Light.

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