Police attacks on Leading Light: Recent events and confusio ns

by Commanders’ Committee, leading body of the Leading Light Communist Organization from the time of its founding to present






The past two years has been a test for all of us. Last year, many of our senior Leading Lights in North America were attacked by the state. These attacks involved an FBI raid directed against one Colombian commander JC who was working in the United States. He was forced to flee. This involves breakins and harassment directed at sub-commander Miguel. He was forced underground. And our beloved, supreme, eternal commander Prairie Fire was incarcerated in prison, serving a three-year sentence, by the state after a prolonged harassment campaign. At the same time, our Bangla Zone comrades had been increasingly attacked on all sides by the state’s police and by Islamist militias. As our leadership faced very real state threats, online shut-ins from RAIM, a group with a long history of reporting rivals to the police, made the main focus of their work a smear campaign against our beloved leader.

A state of confusion currently exists about our movement, we hope to clear that up over the next few weeks.

How we lost our website and Facebook groups

Commander Prairie Fire delivered his last instruction before prison to a low-level, mostly inactive local cadre, Uzi Stryker (yes, his political level was so low he took his alias from the Zionist gun and American tank). Uzi was given the passwords to our online accounts and told to deliver them to our highest-ranking leader, commander A of the Bangla Zone. A new Central Committee was to be formed around commander A. Instead of carrying out orders, Uzi formed a First World, all-white clique to sideline our Third World leadership in the online sphere. This clique was made up of himself and two peas in a pod, Rizal and Jacob. They call themselves “the Central Directorate.” We call them “the Teacup Committee.” Just because you put a teacup on your head does not make you king, nor does it make you an African prince. Uzi, a low-level cadre with no record of serious work in or outside Leading Light, crowned himself the “Central Director.”

Two Peas and a Pod with an Uzi

Rizal was not even a cadre when commander Prairie Fire was arrested, but Uzi elevated this mere prospect to the rank of CD member overnight with no consultation with the rest of our organization. Rizal is a member of the shut-in bourgeoisie with no history of any real revolutionary work anywhere. He has so much social anxiety he cannot leave his mother’s house. He does not have a job or social life as normal people do. He is also mentally ill and gay (He claims to be “bisexual,” but is a virgin.). His only contact with the human world is online. So he lives in a fantasy world of Facebook, pretend revolution. Online fantasy is his life, and anyone who threatens his bubble of pretend is an enemy.

Like Rizal, Jacob had been a member of RAIM. Jacob was the second-in-command of RAIM. RAIM is a group made up of the shut-in bourgeoisie, extreme beta  males with such extreme self-hated that they rarely leave their homes. Social media is their existence. They are a weird group stuck in extreme liberal identity politics. They are whites who hate whites. They are males who hate males. They hate themselves. They are completely out of touch with ordinary people.  They eventually adopted the idea that to be transexual was to be revolutionary. Jacob is holds that all sex is rape. He too is queer. They are a factory of bizarre First World crackpot ideas. They also have a history of running smear campaigns against our leadership and a history of calling the police on their political rivals, something they have since admitted. On more than one occasion they made threats to report our leadership to the police, for example. Year after year, Jacob was a leader of this group whose main focus was attacking Leading Light. Now, out of nowhere, he was not simply a cadre, but a de facto leader. All the more outrageous because he had previously been kicked out of our organization many years ago as a traitor and weirdo. After affiliating with us for only a few months, he received a life-long ban for his treasonous factionalism, wrecking, and weird behavior. Like Rizal, Jacob too is mentally ill. But unlike Rizal, he does not usually live at home. He is one of those mentally ill, fantasy-prone homeless people who wander through activist spaces from time to time in the First World. Like Rizal, he has so failed at life, has so much self hate, all he has is his fantasy bubble. Like Rizal, he would be someone deserving of our pity if he were not so toxic. And like Rizal, anyone who threatens his fantasy is an enemy. It was Rizal, with Jacob’s approval, who called the facility police to have commander Prairie Fire’s phone confiscated for “making threats” in order to silence him after he was released from prison into a halfway house. Just as they attack the Bangla Zone today, they attacked commander Prairie Fire in the past. What kind of “revolutionary” calls the police on others? The same kind that attacks political prisoners. The same kind that steals the resources of the Third World masses. The same kind that confuses Facebook for reality.

Instead of turning our resources over to our Third World, non-white, real leadership as instructed, Uzi chose very unstable and socially-isolated people with few ties to the rest of the organization for his new CD.  They then began transforming their fake LLCO into a new version of RAIM. They also suspended the rule that to be a cadre, one had to prospect and put in work for a year. They also got rid of ideological standards, letting in RAIM types, the mentally ill, gender and social weirdos, and even you-tube commentator and North Korea-fanboy Jason Unruhe whose positions on numerous topics are in contradiction with Leading Light Communism in very obvious ways.


In all this mix are some individuals from Ghana that crossed paths with Uzi’s Teacups while the state dispersed and imprisoned our leadership. With absolutely no vetting or testing of the individuals from Ghana, the Teacups began sending them a few hundred dollars a month, the same amount  the Bangla Zone received. The Bangla Zone spent years building up to this through verified hard  work. Ghana’s political level and work has never been similarly verified. We are not against supporting work in Ghana, but not at the expense of our more developed and long-standing work. There are obvious questions to ask here too: What kind of real leader from Ghana or anywhere would follow First World, white shut-ins with no history of practical or ideological work? Why would anyone follow these individuals who have created nothing? Or are they following money? This is the real question that must be asked.

The Teacups have a sectarian interest in channeling as much resources into Ghana over the Bangla Zone as they can. Even the Teacups know they had little to do with Leading Light organizationally. Even the Teacups know that they had absolutely nothing to do with Leading Light Communism, an all-round breakthrough in revolutionary science by our eternal, supreme commander Prairie Fire. They also had nothing to do with the Bangla Zone, whose resources they have stolen and who they have sought to sabotage. The Teacups feel their legitimacy is tied to the Ghana project alone since they have nothing else. Furthermore, they have sought to promote Ghana and wreck our other Third World work just as they promote new “members” over older ones because they know they, themselves, have no legitimacy in the eyes of our real, more experienced people.

Protests from the Third World leadership

The Third World leadership with decades of experience in mass politics and armed struggle are no fools. They raised criticisms of Uzi’s online coup but we’re shutdown by Uzi’s Facebook warriors. Furthermore, Uzi, Jacob, Rizal and the First World, all-white leadership used the power of the purse to silence Third World criticism. Those who spoke against them would have their funding cut even though fundraising was done in the name of the Third World masses. Uzi, Jacob, and Rizal also promoted a security cult so new members would not talk to older members who knew what was going on. Given the police attacks and the coup by Uzi and RAIM members, the Third World leadership chose to remain silent until the return of the real leadership, the real Leading Lights, the founders.


Time to clean house. Uzi Stryker is hereby expelled from the Leading Light for treason. The peas in a pod, the twins, Jacob and Rizal, are not expelled because they never fulfilled membership requirements to begin with. They are all enemies of the proletariat, the Leading Light, and Leading Light Communism. Anyone following any of  them should be regarded as a fool or mercenary.

Leading Light is a movement of the best and the brightest proletarian leaders. It is a movement of the geniuses of the poor. We are the loyal ones. We are the brave ones. It is not a movement led by the shut-in bourgeoisie of the First World.

The return of the Founders, the Leading Light

Now we engage in the process of cleaning up. The Teacups have run things into the ground. They have made us look ridiculous. Our old website, which is in their hands, used to be one of the highest trafficked far-left sites in the world. Now it is dead. Instead of groundbreaking science, now only substandard yapping. New-power, our secondary site, is also dead. One of the most important outlets in the world for revolutionary theory has been closed. Similarly, they have hijacked the Bangla Zone website, silencing one of the most important voices for the Bangla masses. They have also sought to sabotage Bangla Zone projects on facebook by creating dummy versions of Bangla Zone projects with the same names. This is what revolutionary practice is to them. They come from a very entitled place that they could convince themselves that their attacks on the founders and creators of Leading Light Communism and the Bangla Zone are justified. 

The good news is that even though the state and their Teacup allies have wrought chaos in our movement, all will be good. We’ve learned extremely important lessons that will make us stronger in the future. Only people of true proletarian character, real Leading Light material, will be allowed in. We will have much higher standards than in the past. That Uzi was ever granted cadre status was a mistake. He never put in any real work nor did he donate much. And people with rather obvious mental, gender and social problems like the two peas in a pod, the twins, Jacob and Rizal, should have not been allowed on our fringes even as prospects. Weirdos do not belong anywhere near our movement. Such toxic individuals should not be coddled. They should be pushed out immediately. We also have learned the error of overreliance on online organizing. It attracts toxic people, the shut-in bourgeoisie and other weirdos. It also builds weak infrastructure that is easily manipulated by the state. It also creates illusions of progress totally disconnected from the masses. Having a proletarian character is important. Proletarianism matters. No more hipsters like Uzi. No more shut-ins and gender benders like Rizal and Jacob. If you don’t love and respect yourself, you can’t truly love and respect others. We need people who take pride in who they are, not self-hating weenies.

We did not really lose our people. All the real people are right where they were before. We just lost our web resources when they swiped our passwords.

We must rebuild on solid foundations. We must rely on proletarian people. Only people with proletarian character will be considered. We need real soldiers, warriors. As always, nobody is Leading Light until they have been vetted, until they have put in work for at least a year. Many fakes will arise, but we are the people of knowledge. They are easily exposed.

There is nothing like a blank slate on which to write the most beautiful poem. All of the fakes in our circle have been removed in one swoop. All of our people have passed the loyalty test. Nobody here is about  money. Can they say the same? There is an old Leading Light saying, he who betrays once, betrays twice.

We are the loyal ones. We are the brave ones. We are the ones who have suffered most for our cause. Proletarians. Soldiers. Prisoners. We are the creators of Leading Light Communism. We are the founders.  Truth is on our side. Our sun is rising. Our day is coming.

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