First Worldist revisionists and gays agitate for Empire



Recently, the imperial media has been flooded with horror stories about human rights abuses against gays in Chechnya, an Islamic part of the Russian Federation. These accounts state that gays are being rounded up and tortured in “concentration camps.” Certainly Russian and Islamic culture are far more heterosexual than the queer culture of the First World West. However, there has been little to substantiate these claims in the Western press. Nonetheless, this has not stopped protesters in the First World to take to the streets.

These stories come at a time of increased tensions between the West and Russia over numerous issues: Syria, Ukraine, hacking, etc. The stories have many of the qualities of war-time propaganda. These tales are short on verifiable fact and long on rumor and over-the-top rhetoric. Not only do these tales fuel anti-Russian sentiment, they dovetail with Western Islamophobia. It is in this context that the revisionist First Worldist organization calling itself “the Communist Party (USA)” published an article on the topic:

“So we have Merkel and now Macron publicly pressuring Putin to step up his response on Chechnya and to come clean about what is happening there.

But where is President Trump? Where is the voice of the United States, a country which is always quick to condemn human rights abuses abroad (at least in countries with governments it finds disagreeable)?

So far, all we’ve seen is a short statement from UN Ambassador Nikki Haley saying the administration is against discrimination and that “Chechen authorities must immediately investigate these allegations.” Really? “

Here the revisionists are praising the politics of mainstream neo-liberals in Europe and  criticizing Trump for not acting more forcefully as top cop of Empire. The revisionists are pushing for more imperialist action to protect gays. First Worldist feminist and gay politics and Empire go hand-in-hand.

Empire is not just about theft of labor and resources, it is a full-spectrum control and domination by the Bourgeois World over the Proletarian World and any middle forces. Empire is also cultural hegemony. And the preferred culture of Empire is pink. Empire will still use reactionary, semi-feudal elements if it has too, but Empire’s real endgame is the pink liberalism of the First World West. Those revisionists who have attached themselves to Empire’s cultural politics unwittingly have become Empire’s footsoldiers whatever they may say about political economy. This even applies to so-called “Third Worldism” of the First World shut-in bourgeoisie. This is because revisionism is for the most part dead or dying as an actor capable of remaking national or global economies, but revisionists still have some sway in the cultural sphere and in political subcultures where they often act as colonists for Empire’s pink cultural hegemony against those who resist it. In those few cases where classical revisionism still has real influence, such as Venezuela or Nicaragua, those revisionists have opposed Empire’s pink culture. Both Chavez and Maduro have been attacked as “homophobes,” as has the Sandinista regime. The same imperial rhetoric is directed at Cuba, Iran, Palestine, others who resist Empire. It is even directed at Chechnya because Russia has fallen a bit out of line with Empire, if only temporarily.

Empire seeks to transform the whole world into a cultural Disneyland, a trivial, stupid “safe space” without a moral compass, without aesthetic value, without purpose, without spirit. Not only is the world they offer lacking in anything great, it is also built on the backs of the labor and resources of the vast majority of humanity. Their stupid, creepy world is only possible because of our rivers of sweat and blood. All those who resist their banal and weird way of life are targeted by the imperialist war machine. They will bomb and torture their way to Empire.

Lenin was right on this point. Imperialism is decadent. Capitalism has ceased being progressive. You have nothing to offer us. You have nothing to teach us. We are done with your First World liberalism. We are done with your First World culture. We are done with your whole weird, creepy, arrogant way of life.

We have our own path. And eventually you will be forced to follow us. Our path is the Leading Light. We are the founders. We are the fighters, soldiers, prisoners, servants of the people. We are the Leading Light.


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