Leading Light condemns attack against Iran by ISIS


Leading Light absolutely condemns the recent terrorist attack against Iran. The death toll from the Islamic State’s attack on Iran’s parliament now stands at 17. This attack is a highly sectarian one that further divides the Islamic World and further divides Third World people. The Islamic State is not a genuine anti-imperialist organization whatever its rhetoric may claim. The Islamic State’s politics are so unviable that it can only be an agent of chaos used by the intelligence services of Empire to divide and conquer the Proletarian World. The Islamic State’s nightmare politics – implemented in some places in Syria, Iraq, and Libya – have nothing to do with real Islam. By contrast, Leading Light is about proletarian unity. There is strength in unity. We stand together with one voice to condemn all those who bring disunity, death and destruction to the proletariat.

Today we mourn, but tomorrow we rise up together. Let our sadness turn to strength. Light will always defeat darkness. Long Live the Leading Light.

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