Manchester Bombings, more terrorist blowback

By Brennen Ryan


A recent suicide bombing has killed 22 people outside a concert in Manchester. The bombing is being attributed and claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This the latest in a long series of attacks by Islamic extremists in both the First World and Third World.

The first thing to note about the attack is that it was carried out by a Libyan refugee, an enemy of the Gaddafi regime. Gaddafi was a progressive figure overall. He supported various people’s struggles throughout the world from Ireland to Palestine. He turned Libya into a relatively wealthy country with the highest standard of living in Africa. Gaddafi was an advocate of economic independence and an advocate for the unity of Third World peoples as a way to resist imperialism.  Although Gaddafi fell very short in many areas, his shortcomings were far outweighed by his positive aspects. The imperialists could not forgive Gaddafi for his attempt to chart an independent course for Libya. So the imperialists toppled his regime by unleashing fundamentalists. Now, Libya is a failed state with chaos everywhere. The Manchester attack is what the CIA has referred to as “blowback.” It is a undesirable and unforeseen reaction to American and European foreign policy toward to Islamic world. The United States and Europeans have a long history of exploiting the lands and peoples of the Islamic world.

The fall of Gaddafi in Libya empowered and emboldened fundamentalist groups. After Iraq and Syria, ISIS has made Libya its home, especially the eastern part. The policy of the United States has been to allow groups like ISIS to flourish so that they can be used as destabilizing agents against regimes that fall out of favor with the United States, as was recently the case with Gaddafi Libya and Assad in Syria. Using fundamentalists as imperialist tools way goes back at least to the 1980s when the United States supported them in their war against the Soviet-backed regime in Afghanistan. Today, the United States and its allies like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, Israel are supporting fundamentalists behind the scenes as agents of chaos. Occasionally, the chaos spills over and takes the lives of First World peoples as has happened on 911, but also in Manchester this week. Furthermore, the imperialists use this kind of pointless violence to justify their wars and occupation of Islamic and Third World peoples. These kind of terrorist attacks do not help the struggles of Islamic and Third World people for independence. Leading Lights have always opposed terrorism because it results in no tactical or strategic benefit. In fact, such violence tends to galvanize public opinion in favor of imperialist war and occupation. It is important that people understand that such fundamentalist organizations are not genuinely anti-imperialist, but have become part of Empire’s deep state.

Terrorism is not our way. Terrorism is pointless. Terrorism serves the enemy. Terrorism hurts us in the war of public opinion. The impulse to terrorism stems from the petty bourgeoisie. Terrorists want quick victories, all or nothing. Terrorism is a method of those who have been too entitled to put in real, hard, patient revolutionary work. Terrorism is a method of the lazy. It stems from lack of proletarian character, lack of discipline, lack of patience, lack of strategic confidence. Petty-bourgeois errors reoccur over and over in our history. And the enemy can always manipulate terrorism to his advantage as they do their fundamentalist pawns. Marx and Engels criticized the anarchists. Lenin criticized the anarchists and terrorists. So too did Mao criticize the mentality of “the roving rebel bands.”  The Global People’s War of the Leading Light is a protracted struggle. It is a long march. Leading Lights understand there are no quick victories.

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