Empire “makes the old serve the new” in Ukraine

By Brennen Ryan


Communists have long understood that art plays a role in the class struggle. Reactionary art serves the interests of the bourgeoisie and capitalism. Communist art serves the people and their efforts to make revolution. During the Maoist era in China, revolutionaries sought to reinterpret old art so that it would serve the new society. Maoists sought to “make the old serve the new.” The most famous example of this was “the East is Red,” a song that was the unofficial anthem of the revolution. An old peasant tune about love was given new words, a new life, a new purpose: serving the people. Just like revolutionaries, reactionaries also can “make the old serve the new.” Recently, a Soviet-era monument in Ukraine’s Kiev got a makeover. The monument was two bare-chested workers in heroic posture under a giant arch. Now, the arch has been transformed into a big rainbow. Thus a whole new meaning is given to the two men standing naked under it.

The destruction of the monument is apropo since the monument was originally meant to symbolize the unity and friendship of Russia and Ukraine inside the greater Soviet Union. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the United States and its European allies have been aggressively asserting themselves. Western imperialists have been meddling in the old Soviet countries just as they do in the Third world. Neo-Nazis have been NATO’s foot soldiers in these conflicts. The most well-known of these acts of aggression was when NATO staged a coup, a so-called “color revolution,” in Ukraine that put a coalition of pink imperialists and neo-Nazis in power. This led to massive bloodshed as large parts of the Ukraine resisted the coup to retain their sovereignty.

The transformation of revolutionary art into pink imperialist propaganda is part of a broader class war being waged against the people. It is part of a campaign to promote Empire in the ex-Soviet countries and the world. Along with neo-liberal, free-market economic policies that serve the First World as a whole, Empire spreads its globalist, liberal, rainbow culture even when it employs neo-Nazi thugs. The collective heroic and intellectual achievement promoted in revolutionary culture is replaced by consumption, greed, mediocrity, and identity politics. It is a sign of the strange times in which we live where a neo-Nazi regime is promoting First World gay identity politics. The new “Eurovision” monument is now called “the arch of diversity.”



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  1. I have avidly consumed your works for many years now. I detected the shifting gender line with intertest. On leftbook aswell. Nothing to exactly disagree with. My concern is that is the new focus on fw lgbt from science or is this new focus on transexuals and homosexuals just a way for you to pick on Rizal and Jacob Brown who have been openly involved in homosexality and transexuality. I agree that we need a strong prolecult but so much emphasis on gender may backfire. The prole has better things to do and is not interested in fw drama.


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